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Popet Educational eBooks for children

Popet® eWorkbooks are written for teachers and parents by Australian qualified and experienced educators, passionate about children and learning. Popet® designs educational eWorkbooks (sometimes referred to as printables) which provide children with exercise in higher order thinking skills and encourage autonomous thinking. Our eWorkbooks are open-ended and go beyond right or wrong answers, allowing children to bring their own knowledge and application to the task.


For teachers, our resources can supplement classroom programmes, providing quality eWorksheets suitable for the range of ability found in a class. These can be found in the Teachers’ Spot.

For parents and carers, our resources provide stimulating activities to do at home extending children’s thinking and classroom learning. The pink, green, yellow, blue and purple spots, group Popet® resources in age appropriate categories.

Popet® eWorkbooks cover a variety of topics, selected on the basis of their inclusion in school curriculum or their appeal to children’s interest. Popet® eWorkbooks are quality tested by school teachers prior to release in order to ensure accuracy and relevance.


Unlike many resources, Popet® eWorkbooks are not intended to keep children busy or fill in time, they are designed to make children think.

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