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Popet Education was established in 2003 and we are very proud of the service and resources that we have provided to parents, carers and teachers all over the world. Following, you will find a small selection of what people are saying about us. Please use the Contact Us form to provide your own valued feedback.


"I have been looking at the website and resources and they are just fantastic!!! Engaging and supporting children's play and learning is something that a lot of families have difficulty with. The benefits for parents in learning how to engage with their children through these experiences and how to support and be involved in their child's learning are endless with your resources. Thank you so much for your support and assistance to our service."

Sarah U'Brien,
Central West Families First Playgroups
NSW, Australia

"We are always looking for challenging things to do with our children at home. Thank you for the real learning opportunities your books provide."

Elise & Geoff
NSW, Australia


"Just a note to let you know how pleased I am with the books I bought. I’m amazed at the different responses my daughter gives each time I reprint a worksheet. Thanks Popet."

Mrs Jenkins
NSW, Australia

"Our son Oliver is gifted and loves the flexibility your eWorkbooks provide. He is very creative with his responses and often asks us to reprint his favourites."

Gabriel & Marianna
NSW, Australia


"Hi. Thank you for your quick response. I ordered from your website while at work and found your eWorkbooks in my email when I got home. Brilliant."

WA, Australia

"Most workbooks are scribbled by my 4 year old the day after I buy them. I think your eWorkbooks are a great idea. Benjamin has already done one worksheet 7 times and loves it. I’ll be printing them for his brother next year."

NSW, Australia


"Thanks for doing my homework for me!!!

I have been teaching for many years using Bloom’s Taxonomy and usually make my own worksheets for my students. Love the Pets Project Pack!!!"

Not Provided
NSW, Australia

"We bought a book for Madison (4yrs) and were surprised to see Joshua (6.5yrs) eagerly wanting to do it. I’ve never seen a workbook that can stimulate both my children and each of them can answer the worksheets at their own level. That’s why we’re ordering more."

Mr Bennett
VIC, Australia


"I’m an “anti worksheet” teacher but I must say that I successfully used your book this term and loved it. The worksheets were appropriate for EVERYONE in my year 1 class - something that’s rare to find in worksheets. Keep writing and I’ll keep buying."

Mrs Bryant
NSW, Australia

"Delightful activities that we thoroughly enjoy doing with our granddaughters (despite the Australian spelling). They answer the Think Tasks much faster than we do and often say ”come on Grandpa, think”."

Mr & Mrs Moore


"I thought you should see the results of my 3 year old daughter using your books. I’ve lost count of the times I’ve printed them but these two samples are about 4 months apart."

NSW, Australia

"We home-school our three boys and find the parent’s guides in your books very valuable. We feel they empower us to teach. Great ideas."

Mr & Mrs Cox
NSW, Australia


"I’m glad we found you on the net. We bought the Writing Think Pack and saw that our 8 year old has sharp thinking skills. When can we expect more books?"

Mr Yuan
NSW, Australia

"Bought your books. New and exciting. Love them."

Wincy & Daniel
SA, Australia


"Our daughter Alianna has always been fussy about getting her work right. We found that the Popet books we bought her were a great help in teaching her to become confident in her own answers. Thank You. "

Vania & Emir
NSW, Australia

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